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The End DVD
King of Hearts Productions
60 min.

*Includes the Murder City Devils' complete last show, filmed at the Showbox in Seattle, Halloween 2001. Bonus features include a full length commentary track with Spencer and Merchbot 2000 and live bootleg videos.
*Watch the trailer:
Windows Media or Quicktime

Rock & Roll Won't Wait DVD
SoGeneric Pictures/ Floodgate Productions
58 min. + extra stuff

*An inside look at a year in the life, on and off the road, of one of Seattle's most notorious bands, The Murder City Devils. Featuring live performances, rare glimpses backstage, and scores of interviews with the band, their fans, and their families.
*Also includes the videos for "18 Wheels" and "Bunkhouse

Rock & Roll Won't Wait VHS
SoGeneric Pictures/ Floodgate Productions
58 min.

*An inside look at a year in the life, on and off the road, of one of Seattle's most notorious bands, The Murder City Devils. Featuring live performances, rare glimpses backstage, and scores of interviews with the band, their fans, and their families.

The Edge of Quarrel VHS
120 min.

*Features Derek, Dann, and Spencer in a lame ass "straight edge Vs punk" movie. I use the term "movie" lightly. What you have here is 120 minutes of sXe and punk kids fighting and chasing each other. Pretty stupid and incredably boring, but you do get to see some of the MCD guys act.
*Also includes Live footage of the Devils.
*Here's what the label said:
"The Edge of Quarrel" tells the story of Brian Johansen, a Straight Edge Punk who returns to his hometown after college to discover the local Punks and Straight Edge kids involved in a violent conflict with each other. His two closest friends from childhood, Jason Talbott and Chance Linstrom, have grown apart in his absence and now are the leaders of the Punk and Straight Edge "gangs". Jason believes that the sun has set on Punk and that Straight Edge is the next step. Chance believes that it is his duty to preserve the tradition of the Punk Rock ethic. Brian believes that they are two sides of the same coin and should be able to peacefully coexist. Upon returning home and discovering what has become of his town, Brian sets out to reunite the scene. "

For the Cash VHS
115 min.

* Features Coady, Dann, and Spencer. I haven't seen this so I don't know if it's as bad as "Edge of Quarrel".
* Here's what the label said:
"When you're a thief, the only thing you think about is the day when you are no longer a thief.
That day is coming soon for Mark (Adam P. Baldwin), just an average guy who happens to be a thief. But with his partners dead and no real job, he continues to do what he does best.

After recruiting some new partners - Joel (Zac Chicago), a dimwitted stoner, Jeannie (Carrie Whitney), a short fused pizza delivery driver, and Mickey (Coady Willis), a nerdy computer geek - he tries to teach them about life while evading Jack (Matt Wright), a murderous gangster who's bomb Mark unknowingly steals.

With the help of Monarch the Castrating Assassin (De Kwok) and the ghosts of his dead partners (William Goldsmith and Jeremy Enigk), will Mark defeat the evil Jack, a corrupt cop (John Atkins), and some nasty killers (Gas Huffer, Meg Watjen, John Bigley, Spencer Moody, and Dann Gallucci)? And who will defeat the mysterious assassins known only as The Pipefitters (Botch)?

Check out Seattle's finest Rock 'N' Rollers trying their hands at acting, stunts, bad jokes, and blood spraying "special" effects!"